RPA Operators (Drones)

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), more popularly known as Drones, is remotely operated unmanned equipment, which over the past few years has become increasingly popular both for recreational and commercial uses, with applications in several areas such as scintigraphy, spraying, monitoring, transportation of small objects, surveillance, among others.

Although these devices are often seen as toys, their current technology already allows them to lift flights at altitudes, speeds, and distances that may jeopardize other manned aircraft, in addition to the population they fly over. Concerned about this, the aeronautical organs have issued regulations to order the use and applications of these aircraft, in order to increase the use of these aircraft without increasing the risk to other aircraft and the population in general.

In this way, it is of great importance that the operators of these aircraft seek to regularize the situation of their equipment and the operations performed with them, in addition to being trained with the objective of operating them with absolute safety.

Aerogrips, based on its experience and knowledge accumulated over more than 15 years of acting in the training of aviation professionals and in regularization processes with the aeronautical authorities, offers the following specific services to the RPA operators:

Equipment Regularization Operating Permits