RVSM / PBN / CAT II Approval (LOA/E.O.)  Development and Management of Manuals


RVSM / PBN / CAT II Approval (LOA / E.O.)

For the accomplishment of special operations, the national requirements require the obtaining of an operational authorization issued by the ANAC. For commercial operators, this authorization is included in the Operational Specifications (E.O.) of the company, while for private operators it consists of a Letter of Authorization (LOA).
In both cases, in order to obtain this authorization, it is not enough that the aircraft is certified for the operation in question – in addition to the aircraft qualification, it is necessary to prove to the ANAC that the operator is adequately prepared for the intended operation, Operational, maintenance and training requirements applicable to the operation in question.
Currently, ANAC regulations provide for the issuance of permits for various types of special operations, among which we can mention:

  • RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima)
  • PBN (Performance Based Navigation) – including RNAV 10, 5, 2 and 1 spaces; RNP 4, 1, RNP APCH, RNP AR APCH and APV / BARO VNAV
  • CAT II

With the accumulated experience in conducting processes of issuance and renewal of LOA and inclusion of special operations in E.O. For more than 500 aircraft over more than 15 years, Aerogrips is the company best prepared to assist you in obtaining the necessary ANAC authorizations for special operations requiring the issuance of an operational authorization.


Development and Management of Manuals

Aerogrips’ team of technical experts has extensive experience in developing and developing manuals for various aviation organizations, such as private and commercial aircraft operators, maintenance workshops, specialized air services companies, civil aviation schools and aerodromes.

In addition to the development of on-demand manuals, Aerogrips also offers its customers a continuous service of managing their manuals, absorbing the task of keeping the documentation up-to-date with regulatory changes and the organization’s own reality.

Whether it is to standardize and organize your company’s internal processes, to meet the requirements of the aeronautical authorities and the current legislation, or even to obtain quality certification by international aviation standards, Aerogrips is the right choice to assist you in the development , Updating or managing your documentation.

Here are some examples of manuals developed by Aerogrips:

  • MGO – General Operations Manual
  • MGM – General Maintenance Manual
  • PTO – Operational Training Programs (for pilots and / or commissioners)
  • PTM – Maintenance Training Programs
  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedures
  • MAP – Hazardous Goods Handbook
  • MOM – Maintenance Organization Manual (MOM)
  • MCQ – Quality Control Manual (MCQ)
  • PM – Maintenance Programs
  • MEL – List of Minimum Aircraft Equipment
  • MCRM – Manual and Training Program in CRM (Crew / Corporate Resource Management)
  • MGSO – Operational Safety Management Manual (SMS Manual)
  • PRE – Emergency Response Plan
  • PPSP – Program for Risk Prevention Associated with the Misuse of Psychoactive Substances (PPSP)
  • PSOA – Air Operator Safety Program
  • PSESCA – Company Security Plan for Auxiliary Services or Concessionaires
  • Internal Regulations and Course Manuals for Aviation Schools and Training Centers
  • Aerodrome Operations Manual

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